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WE SHALL MEET ON 28TH saturday

at House at Godavari Towers at RK Nagar / AnadhaBagh on Raod MALKAJGIRI-SAFILGUDA .

Get all those who are serious in CIVIL Service EXAM. Make sure each of you, come with a specific TOPIC for DISCUSSION. Must speak on that topic at least 10 minutes. Can refer and Speak.


hello sir,

Today am very happy that i able to read NEWSPAPER thoroughly... thank you sir....thank you so much!!! i will promise you that one day i will be very successfully in reading newspaper.. sir i want to ask you that what should i do to improve my listening skills..well..? is meditation is a good solution for it..?

'SHIKSHA' this program has changed my LIFE a finding something NEW in me day by day... it have given me my GOAL and what should i be in future...i want to THANK YOU and ANUSHA for giving me this great opportunity!!!!


THANK YOU SIR (i think this word is also not enough to express.)


your student


I wanted our Summer Programme back.... Every day it has become a habit to reach St.Anns by 9 am... But now I am upset as from tomorrow no need to reach St.Anns by 9 am...No friends to spend time in discussions.... No presentations to listen.... No learning with fun... Friends I Miss u all.... SWEAT HA( Swetha B Naidu), PURI (Shilpa Mahapatra), PANDA (Aayushi Tomar), Choclate (Rina Paharwa), Dancer ( Karuna Sri), Pot (Sharada Mundada), Global Warming (Leharika), Mr.Graduate (Hitesh Sharma), CDMA (Pradeep), Onion(Ajay), Mr.Srivarna (Srivarna), Laxmi (Nikitha Keetha), JDBC (Shravya), Animation (Sowjanya), Bloom Energy (Rashmi), Mechatronics (Swetha Resu), Glonass (Tejasvi), Robotics (Deepika), Crypotgraphy (Geeta), Mobile Computing (Nikitha R), Spinach (Teja), ATHA.. (Krishna Priya) .... AND KNOWLEDGE ON ALL THE SUBJECTS GIVEN BY CHACHU.............
I wish if 9th May can be repeated again and again..............




hi sir...,
i felt very happy after attending your classes.i have gained a lot from you in different fields .i have never participated in group discussions,drama and other activities ,now i have that capability to overcome my fear and i got an idea to face those activities. .
thanks a lot for what you have i am missing whole group.i want your suggestions in every aspect.thank you very much for spending your valuable time with us....thanks a lot sir....

sowjanya choudary

Dear Sir,

I am really grateful to you for the summer program. I have learnt a lot of things from the summer sessions. I made good friends. I learnt many different subjects like mechatronics, GPS, cryptograpy, GLONASS, Face Recognision Techology, Making of chocolate, CDMA, Nanotechnology.

You made us recognise the importance of indian heritage and culture.

You taught us how to read a newspaper throughly. The activities like memory games, group discussion, drama bought the hidden talent in us and got to know about each other well.

The last day cooking at your home was real fun & learnt discipline from you.(Some recipes also).

Your book "Life Made Simple" is really very inspiring."You indeed made life very simple."

You made us realize the small mistakes we make and showed us how good it looks or feels if we correct our mistakes immediately.

You are the modest & noble person i have ever met. I consider myself fortunate for having learnt so many things from you. I hope your "DREAM" come true. THANK YOU for every thing (The lunch, the knowledge, the fun ...... ...... ........ ..... ..... ..... ....... ...... ....... ....... ....... ...... ...... ...... ....... ..... ....... THE LIST NEVER ENDING) :) :)




Namasthe sir,

On Sunday we had great time sir. Thank you so much for everything. We all are missing our shiksha group now. We had learned things by enjoying those 13 days. On Sunday while leaving each other we felt very bad and we got a feeling that we all are missing our dear ones. Your my guru sir and what ever I do from now I decided to do on your insistence. I want your suggestion on every aspect sir and I request you to provide me your valuable suggestions which would help me a lot. Surely sir as you suggested me to prepare for the civils, I would like to try for that and even my father is seriously insisting me to do civils. I would be very thankful to you if you provide me the suggestions.

Thanking you,

Your student,

Namasthe chachu..

All the days from 9th May to 22nd May have passed in Learning attached with fun...

So much of knowledge i acquired... I learnt hospitality when u taught Swetha to pass food in the Restaurant...

I learnt how to read News Paper when u were making everyone to read out News from News Paper...

I learnt that we can sharpen our brain and can remember many things when u made us play Vegetable Names Game....

I learnt the coordination with each other and working in a team when u made us to direct and act a DRAMA...

I learnt that using the word "can" is not appropriate when asking a permission...

I learnt Problem Solving when u made us play a chain game to solve a problem...

I learnt the way how to present effectively when u were scrutinizing each one of us carefully while presentations....

I learnt how we should present ourselves in an interview during the HR interview...

I learnt that one should always be a good Listener in order to acquire knowledge....

I learnt Leadership qualities when u asked us to do certain activities....

I learnt from u our Social Responsibility when u have told us about ur DREAM......

I learnt how to solve Aptitude when u were showing ur Slide Shows on Logical Reasoning...

I learnt so much from u on various technologies...

about Spirituality..

about History...

about Politics....

about Space....

about Geography...

about Geopolitics....

and many more chachu...........

I learnt Discipline from u....

I learnt how to be Punctual seeing u always being at St.Anns in time....

I have given up my habit of drinking Coke (Even other softdrinks) and have learnt so many things from u chachu.....

Chachu u have taught me the meaning of a Human Being and a Social Being....

U have inspired me to take up Civils explaining its importance....And now that has become my Goal...That has become my Dream...

You have made me realise that :

" I am just near the Goal..

Need the quench the thirst of my Soul..

Need to work more, more and more...

That's the Secret Success Core..."

Thank u for everything chachu......

I always Love u chachu....

I thank God for making me to meet such a great personality like u...

And I wil always try to Capture the Best...

Thanks & Regards,


thank you sir....

thank you very much for spending your valuable time with us...

i learned a lot from you and i want to implement a lot of thoughts i got while listening to your speech..

i'll assure you that these mails are not to impress you, i'll prove this by implementing my ideas..

thanks a lot sir.,

ur's student:


22nd MAY 2011 -

...........................LAST DAY - of
...........................SHIKSHA - HP (HYD) the residence of Dr T P Sasikumar

21st MAY 2011

20th MAY 2011

Namasthe sir,

I would like to share my experience with you of the 13 days summer program. I learned a lot of things in this 13 days. I would like to thank you for giving such a boon to us. The principle learning and teaching is the thing mostly I liked among all the aspects. We enjoyed the sessions and had fun in learning. We got the zeal to learn the things. It was like a pond of knowledge. I came to know the way of interacting with the people and the way of learning the new aspects.

My confidence levels were increased and I am able to speak confidently now. I am able to express my views frankly. I feel very glad to meet new people now.

The discussions what we made were very useful and the importance of learning the concepts through discussions was made known to us. I will try to continue the same spirit of learning and discussing the concepts in my academics also sir.

As a student of you, I will try to implement the things in the manner you told and I am sure that I will try my level best in that. The books of you, gave us the facts of life and I felt very happy in reading them.

I have a small request from you sir that, we need the same support from you always for leading our lives better and this is not the word of only me but on the behalf of all my friends. We are always your students sir and will always follow your principle "Learning and Teaching". That is only the motto through which I would like to follow now and in future also. I would like to thank you once again and Anusha also for making us to learn such great aspects.

Thanking you,

Your student



last two days of our discussion on presentation skills right from
selecting the right kind of heading, introducing our-self to the
audience, how to prepare the topic on positive and negative aspects,
creating interest in listeners, using the right kind of
fonts,text,background everything which i could not learn from the
books you taught us practically i learned the way of making
presentation good,

discussion on shiksha program and its aims led us aware of the
problems which one has to face while taking a program

i assure you that the time which you spent on us will prove to be beneficial

M.Ajay kumar


Dear sir,

The days which we all stayed together and the information we shared are very precious to me....this 11 days Remain as the most memorable my whole life. First time in my Life am feeling that i have learn many things which are more useful to me in my way...your experiences that you have shared with us will gone to be useful in our life's till the end. the every time when you scold me when ever i do any mistakes they will remain as my strength.. i never got hurtled from your scolding. SIR more over i felt very happy that my SIR is scolding me, Because you want to put me in a right way....and the very important lesson i learned from you is how the leader cares his people.... I thank God that he have given me SASIKUMARSIR as my BEST TEACHER......THANK YOU for everything SIR... for especially the precious time you have spend with us was OUTSTANDING....


LOVE YOU SIR................


20th MAY 2011

19th MAY 2011

18th MAY 2011

namastey sir,

this teja of JBREC in your summer camp sir. sorry sir i am unable to attend the rest of the program because for various time constraints . i am attending c classes from morning 6 to 8 and .net classes from 4pm to 9 pm i unable to manage all of them at a time sir. i liked the classes very much but i not getting any time to prepare for entrance exams which i have on 21st may , 26th may , 11th and 12th June as these classes are taking the remaining time. i am really sorry sir it is not that you are not properly inspiring us in the class but its my own problem which is forcing me to discontinue the classes. as i dont have any choice for what to do after b tech i took this decision of discontinuing the classes and preparing for entrance exams as i cant sit idle after getting my results.

sir please kindly let me know about any events of this kind in future. i am sending this mail as i am feeling that i have responsibility to inform you about my status.i joined the classes as i was informed that the classes are for a week only and i thought i can manage for a week but somehow am unable manage further.



Hi sir
I am very happy to join with you..
I learned n learning many things from you.
After listening ur classes my confidence levels r increased n
now I don't hav any stage fear....
Now I knew how to represent myself in a crowd of people....
But still i hope I hav to improve my skills wen compared to others.. I
will try to improve myself further.. But all the improvement and
confidence is just only because of you...
Previously I used to feel nervous even to stand n talk in my
class..I still want to learn many things from u I want to attend more
of your classes...
I vl never forget you n your classes in my life... Thank you sir

sowjanya choudary

Hello sir... It's been 5 days in your session... learnt many things... but I am very much worried about technical side... I want you to give lecture on technical topics like robotics, digital image processing and anyother topic that you want us to know... not getting deep into the topic but over view of them... like basic knowledge, applications i.e, other technology related to it etc.

Thank You

Swetha Resu

14th MAY 2011

those are not flattering mails sir..

i felt a lot of change in me from the starting of the session itself..

today i discussed with my younger brother about my experience in shiksha program and we decided to provide tution for 10-15 students(6th-10th class) for free to make them active in all the actions they perform..

this is not a mail to impress you sir, this mail may gives you a satisfaction for providing this session..

i surely implement my decision as soon as possible..

believe me sir..

thank u a lot for everything sir..

your student;

k.pradeep reddy

DEAR sir,

I am really glad that am your student sir.Before coming to this summer camp am very confused about my goals.and the things around me and from u sir i learnd how a leader help his people around him in different aspects,hospitality and many more things....



Respected sir,

I am happy to join Shiksha wherein i got a wonderful opportunity to meet you. Right from the day one the way different aspects of learning new things have been explained have educated me a lot.

i learned the way of introducing myself to others in better way, discussions on different topics created interest of learning different subjects,issues, your lecture given for the development of our country requiring the three pillars of development has inspired me a lot. I am sure i will write the Civil Service Exam 2012

vegetable game gave confidence of my memory, and i like the way you send the message to students -the concept of problem solving which you have given through a chain game was really good.

From G.D the way one should organize an event through systematic procedures taught me a lesson, through baskar experience i understood that attitude to help others, leads us to different ways to help

yesterday's teaching on the interview techniques was really good i learned how to answer the respective questions posed by the interviewer

one of the best one i learned is the Question making.

I promise you that i will be a better student,better employee,better son,brother and a better person in the society.

Ajay Kumar



ok sir..

i started reading english news paper daily from 1st class onwards...

thank u 4 dat sir..

Pradeep Reddy

i'm very much thankful to you for giving me lots of knowledge and
discipline. I am realy enjoyin this sessions alot, til nw i never had
such sessions in my life n am glad to meet you n be a student of
you.its jus 3 days sir i hav joind u bt dese days i din xpect dat i
vl b learin al these thngs wat u hav thought and yet i also learnd hw
to search for thngs n der imprtnce....




I'm really feeling great to join in this summer program.I would have missed a lot if I have not attended this program.

Before I attend these classes,I felt boredom in reading English newspaper but you thought me the way to analyze the news in the paper and to connect with all aspects. Definitely I'll read newspaper from now.

The greatness of Indian Heritage is explained by you in such a way that I have started discussing with my parents and they are really happy on my interest upon these topics.If I have listened to your classes few years back then even I would have asked my grand parents who are great knowledge on these aspects.

Sir you made us to involve in the class with small games which have a inner meaning like
interaction with my fellow mates on 1st and 2nd day,
vegetable game made us confident that we have a great memory capacity ,
problem solving game thought us that we can solve any critical problem if we think it from the core,and many more.

Today my HR interview in class,you have analyzed me keenly in all the places and you gave me nice suggestions in it.I'll never forget those suggestions sir thank you very much.

I hope further days we will grasp much knowledge from you.

with regards..

Geetha R


sir coming to the summer camp i have attended only two classes and will be back again from tuesday ... i learnt lots of things from u.. i have attended many of ur events earlier and still i can say that u r the best in all accepts... u have tought me a lot... i have learnt how to speak out wihout any fear and i gained knowledge regardng memory power and self confidence.. o learned many things regarding nonveg , fish , silk route etc.... u r simply awesome sir .. thank you :)



2011 MAY 13th - SHIKSHA-HP-HYD

12th MAY 2011 - SHIKSHA - HYD - HP

11th is HOLIDAY...

Hello sir!

I am really very very happy to attend your sessions. I have learnt many things in your class, like how to be an effective team member, listening skills, learning skills, rather than these all, i have to make a question. Also I understood that question making gives knowledge and fun too. Looking forward for such nice and interesting classes in furthur sessions.


Swetha Resu

Dear Sir,

First of all let me thank you for the valuable information you are providing on Life skills and social skills.I have learned many things from the sessions of 9th and 10th may and hope to learn more from the forthcoming sessions.I am really enjoying the sessions and at the same time learning from them.The memory game that was conducted on 10th may was really amazing!! I have watched the DVD on Engineering philosophy and it was good.

Yours Truly


10th - 2nd DAY is done....


TToday's vegetables Order : 110510.. Second Day of SHIKSHA-HYD-HP / May
lady's finger
green chillies
red chillies
bitter guard
drum sticks
curry leaves
bottle guard
snake guard
sweet potato
spring onion
mint leaves
sweet corn

Many Get TRAINING for the JOBS - a Specific JOB

This Summer Session is NOT for a SPECIFIC JOB..

BUT Get to Know WHAT one is GOOD AT !?

Train Yourself to get MOTIVATED



Gives you Courage to AIM HIGH

make a GOOD GROUP to learn TOGETHER


Monday, May 9 at 9:00am - May 21 at 4:00pm


St Anns Junior College, Mehdipatnam

Created By

More Info

A summer programme will be conducted under SHIKSHA
The classes would be held at St Anns Junior College, Mehdipatnam.

9th May 2011 to 13th May 2011 - Classwork
14th May 2011 to 18th May 2011 - Assignment work (Can be at home)
19th May 2011 to 21st May 2011 - Classwork/ Presentation

Timings : 9 am to 4 pm

The Topics under this program are

Interview Skills
Group Discussion
Logical Reasoning
Data Interpretation
Time Management
Scientific Temper
Public Speaking
Presentation Skills
Question Making
Creative thinking
Indian Heritage
LIFE Re-engineering
Group Formation
Emotional Control
Robotics/VLSI/Digital Image Processing

Fee : 1000 rupees (Certification under SHIKSHA)

Registrations are open...
Registrations are based on First Come Fisrt Serve basis..

Key speaker : Dr T P Sasikumar




  1. pics were very nice sir....:)

  2. this will remain as OUR most memorable days frndz......:) am so glad to me u all