Thursday, March 30, 2017


Creative way of visualising all those memories.. So sweet is this video, making me realize how lucky I am to have you as my mentor. Thank you for taking all this effort to bring this masterpiece which is a culmination of all those learning memories that we had with you... Thank you Chachu for this and for all the knowledge that you imparted in me... Will be ever grateful to you...🙏🏻

Thank you sir, seen the video and cherished those memories. Could even see my kid's transition in that video. Calm and composed. Not much of work I did for these sessions, it was all her effort.

Anusha's PAPPA

First,  thanks a lot for making such a fabulous video.  For a moment,  these reminiscences made me feel wonderful for all those sessions. I am very proud of you sir. Thanks Anusha for sharing this video. He is a true Philanthropist and works seamlessly for Youth! He is a knowledge hub, I must say!!! Every time, I met  him or organized his sessions while in college,  we learnt a lots of new subject from him. Very inspiring and motivating his sessions are! Rare are those people who dedicate their lives for education and awareness. I am very touched with this work of helping students. Honorable  personality!  Finally, I am grateful to be his student and association with Sasikumar sir. -

Priyanka Siriguppa

It was a Good learning session for me, those days with you sir, I am happy with the learning and would love to associate with you in many more programs to come! -

Ajay Kumar Maryala

A journey that has changed lives of many students like me.. blessed to be a part of Shiksha HP 😊 -

Swetha B Naidu

wow. unforgettable memories... Learned alot sir. sri gurubyonamaha. I am blessed.

Thanks a ton durga anusha for involving in all these activities. -

Vinay Vicky (Vinay Vicky)